About Us

Welcome to Beads by MK.  This on-line gallery and store specializes in unique handmade beaded jewelry meant for your enjoyment.
My name is Marianne Kingston and I started my beading career by taking a class at the local arts council at the urging of a friend.  At the last class the instructor brought in samples showing the variety and versatility of beading.
Next I bought a magazine and started trying the various patterns.  At first each project took about three attempts until I got things looking like the magazine photos.  From there the rest is history.
I now teach my designs at two local bead stores and show and sell my work at local and juried events.
I still enjoy trying project ideas in magazines that arrive in my mailbox.  It seems that each new project teaches me some new technique that I can apply to my work.
My goal is to design, create and share with you eye-catching, colorful, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is fun to wear.